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Best buyers agent perth wa

Buyers & Tenants Agents in Perth, Sydney & Melbourne

Our Buyers & Tenants Agent Story

Buyer Tenant Agency is based in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Our team of buyers and tenants agents are comprised of professionals with qualifications in Property Valuation, Accounting, Finance, and Investment Advisory. While our head office is located in Perth, our property buyer’s agent and tenant representatives operate throughout Australia.

The principal of our firm, Henry Chau, bought his first property when he was 20 years old and has been investing in Real Estate for decades. Henry has a background in Banking and Finance, along with experience as a property analyst in one of the leading property valuation firms in Australia. After gaining first-hand knowledge through Real Estate sales and leasing, Henry soon realized his passion is to help buyers and tenants when it comes to property transactions, as most Real Estate Agents are often representing the best interests of the Landlords and do not provide the best and fair advises to the BUYERS and TENANTS.

In fact, most selling agents are appointed by the sellers to maximize their profits from the buyers, so who’s going to help the purchasers or tenants? 
Since buying a property and renting an office space for a business can be one of life’s biggest decisions, they will need professional advice as much as a Vendor. He has since shifted his interest in guiding buyers and tenants towards their objectives by using his practical Finance and Property experience

Our Goal as Buyers & Tenants Agents

Our goal as Buyers & Tenants Agents is to help our clients in finding the right property AT THE RIGHT PRICE, AT THE RIGHT TIME and to make sure the next investment can lead to many more.

Best buyers agent perth wa


Satisfaction Guarantee

Best buyers agent perth wa

Purchased 720

Properties and Counting

Best buyers agent perth wa

Saving 15-30%

For Home Buyers

Best buyers agent perth wa

Averaging 5-10% Yield

For Investors

Australia Fastest Growing Buyers and Tenant Agency

Our Buyers & Tenants Agent Portfolio

Residential Property
Purchased Over $120M Throughout Australia and Counting 96%
Commercial Property
Purchased Over $180M Throughout Australia and Counting 100%
Regional Property
Purchased Over $40M Throughout Australia and Countin 64%
Commercial Lease Negotiaiton
Negotiated over 70 Leases In The Last 12 Months 100%
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