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Finding A New Home ? Our Qualified Buyers Advocates Can Help.

Our Buyers Agency have highly experienced Buyers Advocates and Buyer’s Agents in Australia who are here to help you find your new home.

We understand that house hunting can be one of the most tiring and expensive processes in life, as it can take a great deal of time, money, and stress. The best way to ensure you get the most out of your purchase is by getting expert guidance from expert buyers agents in PerthSydneyMelbourne, and Brisbane. In the same way that a selling agent manages the sales campaign for vendors, a buyer’s agent will conduct the search, assessment, negotiating, and purchase process for buyers. 

By employing a residential buyers advocate (also known as a buyers agent), you will be able to focus on other important aspects of your life and save yourself time, money and stress during the buying process. As opposed to a Real Estate Agent, a Buyers Agent exclusively works for you – THE BUYER!

Our KEY TO SUCCESS comes from UNDERTSANDING YOUR NEEDS so that we can conduct a realistic, achievable, and successful acquisition.

How Our Buyers Advocates Services Can Help You ?

Whether you’re a First Time Buyer, Downsizer or Up sizer, our buyers agency team is here to help. 
With our proven strategy, market knowledge and negotiation technique, we have assisted Local, Interstate and International clients in finding the right property AT THE RIGHT PRICE AT THE RIGHT TIME.

Buyer's Advocate in Australia

Honest and Independent Expert Advise

Buyer's Advocate Australia

Market Understanding with Bank Valuations Background

Buyer Tenant Agency Australia

We Provide One on One Consultation and Tailored Strategy

Buyer's Advocate in Australia

Network of Contacts with Access to Off Market and Pre Market Properties

Buyer Tenant Agency

We Walk The Talk and Provide Full Ongoing Support

Buyer Tenant Agency Australia

100 Satisfaction Guarantee!

What is a buyers advocate or a buyer's agent?

Australia is a complex real estate market, a buyer’s agent, or more commonly known as a buyer’s advocate, emerges as a guiding light for property seekers. Picture us as your real estate confidante, your ally in the quest for your ideal property. Our buyer’s agent wears the hat of a dedicated representative, someone who puts your interests above all else. 

With an intricate understanding of the ever-evolving real estate landscape and years of experience, our expert Buyers Advocates In Australia hold the keys to unlocking properties that perfectly align with your desires. Our Buyers Advocates can offer you the following complete or partial services.

Why use our buyer's agent/buyer’s advocate?

Why engage the services of our buyer’s agent or buyers advocate? The answer lies in the transformative benefits that come hand in hand with having a dedicated professional by your side. There are a few reasons why aligning with our buyers advocate is a strategic decision that can redefine your property journey.

Buyer Tenant Agency

1 - Unveiling Expertise with Local Insights

Navigating the dynamic Australian property market demands an in-depth understanding of market trends, property values, and investment opportunities. Our buyer's advocates bring a wealth of local knowledge to the table, ensuring you make well-informed decisions that align with your aspirations.

Buyer Tenant Agency

2. Unlocking Time-Saving Convenience

Property searches in Australia's competitive market can be time-consuming. A buyer's advocate expedites the process by meticulously scouring listings, curating a selection of properties that perfectly match your requirements. This affords you more time to focus on what truly matters to you.

Buyer Agency

3 - Exclusive Access to Off-Market Gems

Among the most coveted properties lie hidden gems not publicly listed. Our buyer’s advocates possess access to off-market opportunities, opening doors to exclusive properties that might otherwise remain out of sight.

Buyer Agency

4 - Skillful Negotiation with Buyer's Agent Fees in Mind

The art of negotiation is a cornerstone of our buyer's advocates' skill set. With their expertise, you're assured that your interests are championed during price negotiations. This can often lead to substantial savings, balancing the equation even after factoring in buyer's agent fees.

Buyer's Agent Australia

5 - Solutions Tailored to You and Residential Buyers Advocates Expertise

Your property journey is unique, and our buyer's advocates understand that. They take the time to grasp your distinct needs, preferences, and objectives. Armed with this knowledge, they craft a strategy that caters to your individual circumstances, ensuring a personalized and effective experience.

Buyer's Agent Australia

6 - Proven Track Record of Success with Best Buyer’s Agent

Our seasoned buyer’s advocates come armed with a history of triumphant transactions and satisfied clients. Their track record is a testament to their prowess in effectively navigating the intricacies of the Australian real estate landscape.

How do I choose the right buyer’s advocate in Australia?

Finding the perfect match in a buyer’s advocate is crucial for a successful property journey. At Buyer Tenant Agency, we recognize the importance of trust, understanding, and shared goals. Here’s how our buyer’s advocates in Australia align with the critical qualities of a professional buyer agent/advocate.

Our Buyer Advocate Process

FREE DETAILED SUBURB REPORT will be provided prior to any engagement so you can have a better understanding and assess the area. By understanding your requirements, we then approach and connect with local agents in search of on and off-market properties. Each situation is unique to us, so we are happy to customize a service to meet your needs.

Buyer Tenant Agency Australia

1. Initial Consultation-Understand Your "MUST HAVE & WISH LIST"

Searching for commercial property in Australia is a time-consuming job. Utilizing our extensive network of real estate agents, we have access to off-market and untapped properties with the least competition. However, the property's commercial potential is much higher and resonates with the client’s financial aims.

Buyer Agency

2. Search For On & Off Market Properties

As soon as you are satisfied with the Blueprint Checklist and formally engage us as your buyer agent, we will immediately contact the local agents to see if any off-market properties are available as well as setting up alerts to major real estate platforms whenever a new property comes on the market. We will send them for reviews along the way.

Buyer Tenant Agency Australia

3. Inspection and Assessment

In order to showcase the true nature and condition of each property, we will personally inspect each property and take photos and videos, opposed than relying on photoshopped images provided by the selling agent. Once we find your ideal property, my valuation team will prepare a complete due diligence report containing a full market analysis that determines the market value along with a detailed background check (Flood, Fire zone, etc).

Buyer Agency

4. Negotiate

Our focus here is simple: "secure the property for the lowest price possible & represent your best interest in all negotiations." When it comes to negotiation, our team implements tough strategies at every stage, whether it is at auction, before auction, or for a private sale.

Buyer Agency

5. Deliver and Pre Settlement Management

As soon as both parties reach agreement on a purchase price, we will coordinate the contract terms and conditions throughout the settlement period with your legal representative as well as arrange Building and Pest inspection to ensure the property is in good condition.

Buyer Agency

6. Settlement and Ongoing Property Management

Post sale services include key collection, utilities connection, organize cleaning, maintenance contractors, and other trades if necessary. Our goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Bringing Your Property Dreams to Life

The team at Buyer Tenant Agency works tirelessly to achieve your property dreams. With our expertise, and personalized approach, we will guide you towards making the right property decisions.

Let’s start your property journey together with a consultation.

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