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Buyer Tenant Agency - Commercial property buyers agent Search, Assess, and Negotiate on behalf of the buyer

Our Commercial Property Buyers Agents are specialized in prospecting and locating the best commercial properties in Australia. Our buyer’s advocates have years of experience and polished negotiation skills to embrace a fair deal.

We exclusively work for commercial property purchasers in Australia. We ensure the client’s budget and desires are streamlined. Our best commercial property buyers agents have an effective action plan for all premises, whether an owner-occupier purchase or a real estate investment plan. Our job is to find a commercial property that meets your budget and requirements.

Our Commercial Property Buyers Agents Can Help With These Types of Commercial Properties

With years of experience in buying existing and new commercial properties, our commercial property buyers agents specialize in buying commercial properties in the range of $400k – $20M for local and international occupants and investors. As part of our due diligence process, we conduct a full market valuation as well as a detailed assessment of growth potential and rental returns in order to help you determine the type of commercial property that best suits your needs. 

Commercial Property Buyers Agent

Industrial Warehourse


Commercial Property Buyers Agent


Buyer Tenant Agency

Medical Facilities

Commercial Property Buyers Agent

Shopping Centers



(Ex. Hotel/Hostels/Leisure Facilities)

Buyer Tenant Agency

Capital Market

(Ex. Childcare Center, Service Station)

Buyer Tenant Agency

Development Land

Why do I need a Commercial Property Buyer’s Agent?

Commercial deals are distinctive to residential real estate investment. Buying commercial property in Australia demands deep insight into the buyer’s ground realities and commercial goals.

For investors looking to make the jump from residential to commercial property to boost their cash-flow returns, our commercial property investment buyers agent in Perth specialize in working and securing high-yielding investment to generate significant return on your equity. We focus on creating dependable passive income!

Commercial property investment is more complex than buying a residential property, and the task for investors and business owners can be intimidating. However, if you get it right, you’ll enjoy higher rental returns than a residential property with lower expenses. Businesses can directly benefit from the right building at the right location if they choose the right property.

To secure the best possible commercial property for your needs, it is crucial to know what to buy, where to buy, and how to complete research and due diligence. Commercial property investment in the wrong area with a high vacancy rate can be a financial disaster, so it is smart to get independent advice from a specialized commercial buyers agent who has the extensive market knowledge to find the right commercial property for you.

Therefore, a Commercial property buyer’s agent takes care of all the legal work and saves you Time, effort, and money by searching and purchasing the right property. Our team has expertise and experience in dealing with commercial real estate in Australia. In short, an agent will provide you the following:

Commercial Property Buyers Agent

In-depth market knowledge

Commercial Properties In Perth

Access to exclusive listings

Commercial Property Buyers Agent

Availing of Vast Network in Australia

Buyer Tenant Agency

Strong negotiation skills

Save your time with buyer advocates

Save time and effort

Buyer's Agent Sydney

Expert guidance and support

Best Commercial Property Buyers Agents In Australia

An expert commercial property buyer’s agent from Buyer and Tenant Agency will decode your demands and goals. After the initial consultation agent will assess your budget, preferred location, and commercial aims. 

How Our Commercial Property Buyer Agents Work?

Once we have your objectives, our agent will start the process divided into three phases.

Phase 1- Searching Commercial Property

Searching for commercial property in Australia is a time-consuming job. Utilizing our extensive network of real estate agents, we have access to off-market and untapped properties with the least competition. However, the property's commercial potential is much higher and resonates with the client’s financial aims.

Commercial Property Buyer Agent

Phase 2- Commercial Insight | Assessing the Status

After shortlisting the best possible options, we conduct a detailed property assessment. We ensure every stone is unturned before we present it to our client. The price analysis report and ownership history help us establish the worth of the property. Moreover, we also offer review the legal status of the commercial property by contacting the council on behalf of the buyer.

Buyer Tenant Agency

Phase 3- Price Negotiations | Best Deals

Our commercial property real estate agents have exceptional negotiation expertise in the field. However, it takes a lot of work for an inexperienced person to get the best deal at the least price. Prior assessments of properties’ worth and the client’s budget help our agent bring the best possible price.

Why Choose Buyer Tenant Agency For Commercial Property Investment?

We are committed to providing exceptional commercial property investment services and exceeding client expectations. We are not sellers but dedicated commercial property buyer’s agents focused on finding the best options for our client’s interests. Our agents also work in PerthSydneyMelbourne, and Brisbane.

Commercial Property Buyers Agent

Vast experience in industry and knowledge

Commercial Property Buyers Agent

Strong network and connections within the industry

Buyer's Agent Sydney

Proven track record of successful transactions and satisfied clients

Buyer Tenant Agency

Customized and personalized approach to meet client needs

buyers agent

Excellent communication and responsiveness

Buyer agent and advocates in Sydney

In-depth market research and analysis

Commercial Property Buyers Agent

Attention to detail and legal works in handling transactions

Buyer Tenant Agency

Transparent and ethical practices

Bringing Your Property Dreams to Life

The team at Buyer Tenant Agency works tirelessly to achieve your property dreams. With our expertise, and personalized approach, we will guide you towards making the right property decisions.

Let’s start your property journey together with a consultation.


A buyer’s agent represents the buyer’s interests in a real estate transaction. Our agents will assist buyers in finding suitable properties, negotiating offers, and navigating the purchasing process.

Working with a buyer’s agent specializing in commercial properties saves time, provides market expertise, provides market analysis, future trends, and offers skilled negotiation, ensuring you to make informed decisions and secure the best possible deal.

We take the time to understand your specific requirements, such as location, size, budget, and other preferences. Using our extensive network, industry connections, and access to listing databases, we search for properties that align with your criteria.

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